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GoldenEar Triton One.R

GoldenEar Triton One Reference Speakers

GoldenEar’s Mind-Boggling New Triton One.R Delivers Superb Triton Reference Performance!”

“Everything that earned Triton Reference Stereophile’s Highest Class A Rating in a gorgeous, super sounding, more compact and even more affordable package.”

And they asked, “What can you possibly do to follow up the remarkable Triton Reference?”

The answer is; Triton One.R! Golden Ear Technology is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Triton One.R. This extraordinary new reference quality loudspeaker is a smaller, less expensive follow up to the Triton Reference. The T Ref has been compared with speakers selling for over ten times its surprisingly affordable cost. It has had a remarkable response in the marketplace from both music and hifi enthusiasts as well as press and reviewers from around the world, who have bestowed upon it innumerable Speaker-of-the-Year and Product-of-the-Year awards. Now the T One.R is here for your ultimate delight.

Advanced Triton Reference Technology means you will enjoy extraordinary T Ref performance!

We developed new drivers for the T Ref, which incorporate advanced technologies for better sound, and brought these advancements into the Triton One.R.. The new Reference Folded Ribbon Tweeter, with 50% more neodymium, is silky smooth and ultra high resolution. The new Focused-Field magnet structures deliver better control and higher efficiency. The new internal wiring, with a special critically perfect twist, provides better coupling and more coherent blending of the drivers. The new wiring topology further improves clarity and definition. And the very special film caps in the crossover makes faster transient response a reality. The list goes on and on, long fiber lambs wool, accelerometer optimized bracing, special internal damping pads….. Everything contributes to T One.R’s remarkable ability to recreate a huge soundstage and deep three-dimensional image. And the voicing, which our engineers labored so long and hard over, makes the T One.R a proud follow up to the Triton Reference.

The 1600 watt built-in powered subwoofers can be musically delicate or simply rock your world!

There are three newly designed racetrack shaped active subwoofer drivers on the front of the cabinet, which have special polymer impregnated nomex cones, in order to minimize cone breakup when strongly driven. Huge magnet structures are utilized in order to better control cone movement and improve transient response. There are four quadratic planar infrasonic radiators. They extend the low frequency response and are inertially balanced (two on each side) in order to minimize cabinet movement, resulting in clearer, more detailed sound. Combined with the 1600 watt sub amp and advanced 52 bit DSP, the built in powered bass section is superior to most stand-alone subwoofers, and of course, you will have two subs, one in each speaker.

Absolutely gorgeous styling and luxurious finish complete this ultimate lifestyle package, which is perfect for your music and cinema enjoyment!

The gorgeous cabinet is painstakingly finished in hand-rubbed piano black lacquer. Its signature narrow profile looks incredible, helps it to disappear visually, and delivers important imaging advantages. It presents itself as an exquisite, sleek, ultra-high-performance lifestyle loudspeaker that delivers sound quality comparable to speakers selling for many times its cost. And unlike most speakers that are only good for two channel listening, or home theater, the Triton One.R, like all GoldenEar speakers, is engineered to excel at both.


Driver Complement:

Three 5″ x 9″ long-throw subwoofers

Four 7″ x 10″ quadratic planar infrasonic radiator

Two 5 1⁄4″ high-definition cast-basket mid/bass drivers

One High-Gauss Neodymium Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) Tweeter

Frequency Response: 13 Hz – 35 kHz

Efficiency: 92 dB

Nominal Impedance: Compatible with 8 ohms

Rec. Amplification: 20 – 650 watt/channel

Built-In Subwoofer Power Amplifier: 1600-Watt SuperSub Subwoofer digital/DSP amplifier

Power Requirements/Consumption: 120 Volt at 50 or 60 Hz / 1600 Watts | 240 Volt at 50 or 60 Hz / 1600 Watts (Approved for NA (TUV) and the CE market.)


Speaker: 8″ (20.3 cm) W x 165⁄8″ (42.3 cm) D x 54″ (137.2 cm) H (is with base installed, no spikes)

Base: 123⁄8″ (31.4 cm) W x 1913⁄16″ (50.3 cm) D

Weight: 80 lbs (36.3 kg)

MSRP: $7,498/pair

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