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Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server

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Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server
Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server
Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server
Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server
Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server
Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server

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Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server

Model Number: Ideon-Audio-EOS-Stream-Music-Server
The EOS Stream’s simplified, bare-bones operation provides superlative sound quality to the user.

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Manufacturer: Ideon Audio
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Ideon Audio EOS Stream Music Server

4TB w/Roon


A state-of-the-art, high-performance streamer / music rendering engine

The Ideon Audio eos Stream utilizes trickle-down technologies and R&D gained, from our extensive work with our flagship Absolute Stream. Most of the Absolute Stream’s innovations and designs are found in the eos Stream in its own scale.  The eos Stream is an audiophile music server/streamer which renders music files.

It is a high-performance device which will play all your musical libraries whether they are on an external hard-disk or NAS. Furthrmore, the eos Stream will play audio from internet streaming sources, like web radio and streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, etc.


The Ideon Audio Design principles

As with all Ideon offerings, the eos Stream is a fully proprietary design, with audio technologies developed in-house. When we set out to design the eos Stream, we aimed at achieving dynamic, life-like natural sound to complement the eos DAC and offer a high level of musical satisfaction, rarely found in digital playback. 

This high-quality target led us to conceive the eos Stream as an audio device (in a very similar approach to the Absolute Stream) dedicated to music playback, rather than as a computer tweaked to play music.


Real-Time core playback

Core CPU highly prioritized for audio playback only, ensuring optimized performance and sound quality (same approach as with the Absolute Stream).

Realize the potential of your music

The eos Stream will play your private libraries from HDs or NAS, it works as a Roon bridge rendering your music into the device’s CPU, and of course, it renders Internet streaming services with maximum possible integration (Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Web radios, etc)


Future-proof re-clocking / phase correction

For jitter elimination, a specially designed re-clocking circuit, comprising of a femto clock architecture, embedded in eos Stream as standard and not as an option with extra charge. This is an upgradable platform for any future technology advancements.


Independent power lines, special power for the rendering CPU

Separate, discrete, power lines with low noise linear power within the eos Stream circuit, provide the different voltage levels the device requires.

What we discovered during the design of the Absolute Stream – that the quality of transient current going to the CPU affected sound with the sonic result to be astonishing – was also implemented in the eos Stream. Thus, to improve transient current quality, accordingly, we implemented a proprietary, ultra-low esr, bypass power filter with superlative results in the sound.

Another unique advantage of the eos Stream circuit is the total absence of switching power supplies – not even intermediate ones within the CPU power rails.


Emphasis in noise elimination

Keeping in mind that sound quality is the foremost consideration, we avoided internal noise-inducing peripheral circuits as much as possible. Thereby, the eos Stream’s simplified, bare-bones operation provides superlative sound quality to the user—which is the music-lover’s target in the first place.

MSRP: $14,000 - 4TB w/Roon - Upgrade to 8TB additional $1500



SUPPORTED FORMATS (INPUT DEPENDENT)44.1kHz to 384kHz PCM up to 32 bits, any DSD (up to 8xDSD)
SYSTEM SSD120GB for OS system
INTERNAL STORAGE*Optional 1- 4TB for Music Libraries
DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT2 X USB with proprietary Re-Clocking (one with 5v rail, one without)
EXTERNAL CONNECTIVITY2 X USB 3.0 for external HD Music Libraries
POWER SUPPLY3 X low noise linear power supplies (for all different voltage needs). No Switching power supply at any point of the device
DIMENSIONS (W x H x D)460 x 295 x 110 mm ( (18.1 x 11.5 x 2.9 in)
WEIGHT10 kg (~ 22 lbs)
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